NYC – Immigration, Technology and Innovation

By Linh PMP

Standing in front of The Statue of Liberty, I asked a person nearby “What do you think The Liberty Statue would be holding in hand instead of the torch if we rebuilt it today?”.

“An Iphone?”, said she, laughing.

“Oh yeah, the smartphone has both flashlight and interactive map which would be very helpful on the way”, relied I.

In fact, in the recent immigration crisis, smartphones have been a survival tool for many immigrants to navigate the way, look for notice on human trafficking or log in useful websites such as Trace the Face, Refugees Welcome, etc. Well, not many know that in the 1950s, in the wave of immigration into the US, father of Steve Jobs, the creator of the most well-known smartphone brand in the world Iphone, made his way from Syria to the USA, as an immigrant. New York City has long been the land for a new dream life of diverse people all over the world (like Jobs’s father), which has truly boosted its energy of non-stop innovation. And I am now on the land.

linh pmp liberty statue

P.s. The pigeon on my hand is also a product of technology – Let’s guess whether it is landing or flying up.


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