3M trend – Moment, Mobile, Millennials

By Linh PMP

#AWXII – advertising week – All panels I joined discussed about 3M (moment, mobile, millennial)

1. Moment

Google has a very touching video about “micro moment” – u can google it. There is now a big race in doing more & more magics & metrics to make products/ services in sight of customers in the most relevant moment in the most entertaining way.Database owners are the boss. Companies can upload their customer data on google board to track and follow them online. Oh my privacy!

2. Mobile

2.6 billion smartphones worldwide. 80% percent pinterest traffic comes from mobile. Pinterest then released the cinematic pins that can move with your scrolling fingers on mobile bcoz they want customer to feel like controlling the move. They bring the magic moment to the customers’ mobile. Vertical formats like long infographics or recent vertical instagram video also bring about the wow.

3. Millennial

Total number of US millennials (those who were born in 80s, 90s) “would make up the 15th most populous country in the world” (CARAT). What millennial group to you belong to among the 4 in the photo/ do u think u understand them enough smile emoticon? Do you know / or believe that 40% mobile home-goods searchers are male while 60% mobile auto searchers are female? There would be a long challenging way to figure out how to create the best moment on or off mobile for each target group to be willing to open the pocket. But would be fun. Photo: CARAT’s slides.

adweek slide

Featured photo: From the Internet


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