By Linh PMP

She released her “1989”.

Well, I was first attracted by her style six years ago when most of my peers even did not know who she was. I first listened to her “Our song” by chance on MySpace. She caught my breath with a country music rhythm, a singing-sound-like-talking voice, a princess dress in roses and a guitar. Yep, she really played guitar.She used to practice her guitar until the fingers bled and started to write her very first song when she was just 12.[I deeply understand that crazy feeling since at that age I could stay up until 4am to write my so-called novel with the dream of becoming the greatest author in the world (LOL).] Anyway, that’s how I liked her.

Today I hardly feel the sense of country music and guitar melody in her hits, rarely see princess dresses. She’s in a different genre. So what?

Many have criticized her new hit“Shake it off” in “1989”. Some fans have expressed their disappointment of a seemingly bad girl’s depiction in the MV. They think she is different. So what?

She’s in a different genre, but still Taylor. She’s just more Taylor than what they may understand.

I still see the romantic princess of “Our song” in her sexy Victoria Secret catwalk.

Still see the burning rocking cutie girl of “Picture to burn” in her freaking “Shake it off”.

Still feel the stubborn passionate singer playing her guitar till the fingers bled.

Taylor says she almost definitely wouldn’t get areal tattoo, as she doesn’t think she can commit to any saying or symbol for the rest of her life. Well, if one thinks she has changed, (s)he has just looked at her invisible tattoo.

She gonna shake shake shake.
I gonna too.

be more of myself day after day.

Photos: from Internet

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