Hershey, bring me a higher love!

By Linh PMP

Valentine time. Chocolate time. Love time… In this sweetest period of the year, just wanna retell a recent story by Hershey’s, the biggest empire with 43% share in US chocolate world.

“Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is a wasted time
Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine”

“My dad” – “Hello Happy” is a very sweet touching story about love in this crazily busy world. It also stays in line with Hershey’s core beauty of deep care about people. Hershey’s fans should know that Milton Hershey, the founder, is remembered not just as the inventor of the Hershey bar but also as a gracious employer and philanthropist who went out to build a community for his workers to live happy and healthy lives. Yes, Hershey’s cares. But in terms of this specific video campaign, Hershey’s can do even better to show the care.

Let me connect the dots and try to rewrite a bit.

The story

My friend has a tough childhood in a Hispanic immigrant family. His mother had to work super hard to make a living and take care of three kids. “She had no time for herself. And of course no time to hug, kiss or say caring words to us… I remember when I was 10, I accidentally watched on the TV a scene of a mom taking care of children in a very sweet way, I suddenly felt hurt…So that’s the way mom’s supposed to talk to a child?… But… the more I grow up, the more I understand that mom really loves us. Life’s just too tough for her to express the love in a “normal” way”.

Hey, that’s what Valentine’s for. To express love in a normal way. To heal the hurt. To sympathize, to hug, to kiss, to care and enjoy the sweet moment…

The statistics

According to Mintel (2015), Hispanics consume a lot of chocolate and candy because they are looking for something that is comforting and indulgent. There is a huge percentage of Hispanic both female and male (who eat chocolate & candy) consuming Hershey’s chocolate (78-89% for female and 79-89% for male, see the table), followed by Mars and Nestle.

Screenshot 2016-02-11 07.27.48.png

Also, the percentage of those who speak Spanish only that consume Hershey’s is quite high, at 80% (see the table). From a macro perspective, by 2060, 29% of the United States is projected to be Hispanic—more than one-quarter of the total population (United States Census Bureau).

Screenshot 2016-02-10 16.51.20.png

So how about making relevant sweet content dedicated to Hispanic customers?

Hello Happy, connecting the dots

The video “My dad” is very beautiful, yet still sounds “like a fiction”. There is one ironic comment on Youtube for this video “The next day the dad was fired and they all eventually became homeless…”. Sound weird, but yes, it can logically happen in real life. Imagination is great but sometimes the impact would be bigger if it sounds more real.

The story about my friend and his Hispanic mother is real. And I believe that he is not alone, which is so sad. So why not tell a real story about people like him, to help them send their message to their moms/dads who have experienced so tough time in life and got into trouble when it comes to express the love… Give them a chance to spread the love. And the video campaign can be conducted in bilingual format (Spanish, English) so that those children can also show it to moms/dads who cannot speak English.

And to take another step, make another video of “how to use Hershey chocolate to make a sweet Hispanic dessert for moms/dads”, such as Marigold Cupcakes http://thelatinkitchen.com/r/recipe/marigold-cupcakes. Currently Hershey has a lot of interesting short clips of how to make chocolate great dish, but they are not yet strongly connected into a same theme.

“Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love”

Everyone deserves a higher love. Again, thanks to Hershey’ invention years ago, chocolate was no longer a luxury gift, but rather a treat for anyone to enjoy. Especially on Valentine.

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