Why not be a kid?

By Linh PMP

In a leadership class, the professor asked each of us to present about one picture / painting that we would use to decorate our own office. Believe it or not, it took me just 3.14159 seconds to pick up what I wanted. And I was so happy to figure out that my inspiration was much clearer than I thought.


I found this picture on the internet 2 years ago and was immediately attracted to it. It describes perfectly who I want to be as well as who I want to be with. Why a kid? Why such a smile? Why that Vietnamese hat? They just perfectly match!

“Many of the most successful people I have known have never grown up. They have retained bubbling-over childishness”, B.C. Forbes.

  • Fact 1: A kid is always growing with non-stop curious learning

Yeah I love to work in a team where we can learn and grow together, where we are tolerant with each other’s mistakes and keep exploring ourselves. I also believe that teaching, coaching and blogging are great ways to learn, thus I usually set challenges for myself to do so. I am on the way to grow.

  • Fact 2: A kid is more willing to try and be stupid

Marshmallow challenge is a very fun team-building game that requires a team, in 15 minutes, to build free-standing structure out of 20 spaghetti sticks, tape, string and one marshmallow. And you know what, in this game, kids do better than MBA students. The reason is that kids spend more time playing and prototyping while business students spend too much time planning and executing on the plan with too little time left to fix the design later. Just be less obsessed by mistakes and take the risk. Of course, it should be calculated risk, but just be ready to be a fool sometimes (because of what has been said in Fact 1: “We are still growing”).

  • Fact 3: A kid has fun and love

I believe that living and working must be enjoyable. There would be points of time when we are burned-out and desperate, we lose faith and cry, but until we have not found back our true smile, it is not the end yet. And to survive over those hard moments, we need love. I really love hugging, kissing and enjoying time with people and am naturally attracted to those who love the same things.

  • And this is a Vietnamese kid

I definitely love kids in every corner of the world. I also love all the cultures and homelands that I have been exposed to. But there is something very strong inside that is always telling me that I, and the teams that I have been working with, will help shape a better Vietnam for our future kids, with all our learning, trying, doing and loving. It’s the sense of giving back to where I come from.

I am happy to retain the “bubbling-over childishness” in my journey.

*kiddie smilie*

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