How to grow out of feeling inferior?

By Linh PMP

To be frank I have never stopped feeling inferior. But I learn the way to grow out of it. Usually I still do something that I am not confident about, provided that I believe it is the right thing to do. There is a saying “Fake it until you make it”.

1st rule: “Just do it” (Nike’s slogan).

Though I was so scared of public speaking, I volunteered to be an MC. Though I felt so difficult when listening to English accent of African partners, I volunteered to go on a business trip to Africa . Every time I dared to do something, I got the opportunity to expand my can-do capacity and the motivation to grow quickly. Of course it went with other tons of reasons for feeling even more inferior and doubtful about myself, but I can again fake it until I make it! And yes, it is tough. And yes, I gave up sometimes.

2nd rule: sharing.

When I admit to someone that I am suffering from the feeling, it is a chance for me to get closer to that person and very naturally receive the sympathy, the support in the sincerest way. I did that with my dear father and we talked a lot more to each other after that, which makes me feel a lot happier until now.

3rd rule: “Learn a new sweet thing” (my slogan LOL).

When feeling inferior, I learnt about Vovinam, traditional instrument, classical music, harmonica, traditional folklore singing, cooking, web building, Coursera, Marie’s TV, Nathalie Lussier free course and so on. I just chose something I liked and worked on it. When starting with something new to learn, I got the feeling of conquering a challenge, refreshing myself and at the end of the day I could tell myself that at least I just discovered a new thing. By learning those new stuffs, I also got new materials for my stories to tell and chances to make friends with new people of the same interests.

4th rule: Help someone

Sounds weird but true. Scientific research suggests “that even brief periods of supporting or helping others might help to mitigate the negative emotional effects of daily stress.” Check out more  about the research conducted by UCLA  on Business Insider. So yes, go out to help people,  by either joining a volunteer event or bring a sweet surprise for your special someone. It really helps.

Sounds fun right?

Good luck. Live sweet!

Featured photo: Business Insider

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