Buzzfeed, an empire that matches our minds

By Linh PMP

[BUZZFEED] Jonah Peretti, the founder, was like a natural comedian on stage today when telling his story of bringing viral content to life. 

It started with his very first email exchange with Nike over the “sweatshop” printed on custom order shoe that made him suddenly became a sweatshop expert in public :-)), then the launching of Black People Love Us that again suddenly made him an expert on racism, and so on.

But all those seem-to-be-sudden “viral” incidents were actually the perfect reflection of human communication understanding. He picked the right causes, then told the stories in an unexpected entertaining way that attracted the audience, globally.

“We give the content, then we get the data – the understanding about the audience”.

It is a great business model. Suddenly I just imagine one day when Buzzfeed would become Market Research expert by owning the most authentic insights voluntarily provided by the real customers (in their most entertaining way).


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