ASEAN Economic Community finally came to life

By Linh PMP

I met Mari, the Former Trade Minister of Indonesia in late 2015.

“I think it would be good if more Indonesian can stay abroad to work after studying abroad”, said she. She wants Indonesian youth to succeed in every corner of the world, not to limit themselves within the national border.The discussion then turned out to be about Southeast Asia instead of Indonesia only.

On Xmas 2015, a Australian-Singaporean journalist (whom I recently got in touch after the event) sent me an article on the visit of Google CEO to Vietnam, quoting “Vietnamese startups may not reach a global scale at once, but they can team with entrepreneurs from other countries in the region and can use that strength to launch something global”.

And on the very last day of 2015, the ASEAN Economic Community officially came into effect.

Our home is definitely getting bigger. Let’s see what’s on for 2016.

Indonesian forum

Featured photo: from the Internet

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